• Paediatric intensive care medicine

Paediatric intensive care medicine


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Intensive care physicians specialise in the care of critically ill infants, children, and adolescents, usually in an intensive care unit (ICU).They manage options and treatment for infants, children, and adolescents with life-threatening conditions.

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36–40 hours/week
average time worked
$140,000 – $210,000 /year
average salary
6+ years
min full time
GP sub-specialty
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Paediatric intensive care medicine
College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand (CICM)
A physician who specialises in the care of critically ill patients, usually in an intensive care unit (ICU).
Applicants must satisfy all of the following college requirements in order to be eligible for application to the training program:
- Possess a primary medical degree
- Have successfully completed a 12 month internship (post graduate year 1)
- Be registered as a medical practitioner by the registration authority in the jurisdiction in which they plan to work
- Have completed either foundation year training or six months of experience in an intensive care unit accredited for training by the college. This training must have taken place within three years of application
- Be able to submit two structured references
Fellowship of the College of Intensive Care Medicine (FCICM)
The application process is extensive and prospective trainees must be organised to ensure all documentation is submitted prior to the closing date. As evidence of qualifications and training may be required from overseas bodies, applicants are strongly encouraged to begin the process well before the intake closing dates.

In addition to acquiring evidence of training, applicants are required to provide the contact details of three suitable referees. Once verified, a link will be sent to each referee to the online reference form, however, the college will not be responsible for ensuring it is completed. Applicants MUST allow additional time for referees to submit their references to the college.
$140,000 – $210,000
First part exam fee: $3,590
Second part exam fee: $3,590
The training program in intensive care medicine is a minimum of six years and each trainee’s requirements will vary depending on prior experience and qualifications.

The required 42 months of specific intensive care training is divided into three stages:
- Foundation training: 6 months (undertaken prior to selection into the program) 
- Core training: 24 months
- Transition year: 12 months 

Other required training time:
- Clinical anaesthesia: 12 months
- Clinical medicine: 12 months
- Elective: 6 months
- Rural exposure (any discipline): 3 months
- Paediatric exposure: 3–6 months
Applicants who have submitted an incomplete application at the time of the closing will be required to wait until the next intake to be assessed.  

The closing date of each intake will determine the registration date for successful applicants. 
Intake: First intake
Closing date : April
Deadline to request application pack: March

Intake: Second intake
Closing date: October
Deadline to request application pack: September

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