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Cardiology is a branch of medicine concerned with the prevention, investigation, therapy of and research into disease involving the cardiovascular system.

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36–44 hours/week
average time worked
$60,200 – $412,168/year
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3 years
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GP sub-specialty
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The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP)
Cardiology is a branch of medicine concerned with the prevention, investigation, therapy of and research into disease involving the cardiovascular system.
117 (AM)
Entry requirements for Advanced Training in cardiology through RACP:
- Completion of RACP Basic Physician Training, including the RACP Written and Clinical Examinations
- Current Medical registration
- Appointment to an appropriate Advanced Training position
Entry requirements for RACP Basic Training:
- Complete a medical degree accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) or Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ);
- Have a general medical registration with the Medical Board of Australia, or a medical registration with a general scope of practice with the MCNZ if applying in New Zealand;
- Have satisfactorily completed at least one intern year (post graduate year one); Be employed by an accredited training hospital or health services (where you will do your Basic Training);
- Discuss your application and receive approval to apply for Basic Training from the hospital (or network) Director of Physician Education (DPE)*. Approval of the DPE is subject to selection processes, training capacity and/or performance of the prospective trainee.

For more details visit: college website.
New trainees need to ensure they meet the entry requirements in the Cardiology (Adult Medicine or Paediatrics) 2017-18 Handbook to apply to start Advanced Training. New and current trainees need to apply for Advanced Training each year. For more information visit https://www.racp.edu.au/trainees/advanced-training/advanced-training-programs/cardiology
$60,200 – $412,168
The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Physician Readiness for Expert Practice (PREP) program offers training programs in 33 medical specialties.
PREP basic training fees:
Registration (annual): $3,426 x three years
Written examination: $1,820 one year
Clinical examination: $2,723
Advanced training fees (annual): $3,426 x three years For more information visit https://www.racp.edu.au/become-a-physician/membership-fees
$4,543 basic training + advanced training (enquire with RACP)
Time-based requirements - Training time and rotations
Purpose:To ensure adequate time for trainees to gain necessary learning experiences across a range of relevant rotations.

Total training time: 3 years (36 months (FTE))

Training rotations: A minimum of 36 months must be spent in accredited core clinical training positions.

Training time in Australia/New Zealand: At least 24 months of Advanced Training in Cardiology must be undertaken in Australia and/or New Zealand. This is to ensure that trainees receive adequate exposure to local practices and health services.

Other requirements: It is strongly recommended that trainees complete their Advanced Training at more than one training site.
Applications to commence training close in February (or August for mid-year applications).
Advanced training

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